This site is dedicated to the sharing and preserving of the history of the Redstone Granite Quarries in Redstone, NH, a village within Conway. Redstone granite was used in many buildings in Portland, Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. and as far away as Denver, CO and Havana, Cuba. The Hatch Memorial Shell, in Boston, is of Conway green. Grant’s Tomb in New York, the National Archives building in Washington, and the George Washington Memorial Masonic Temple in Alexandria, V.A. were built mostly of Conway pink granite. 

The Quarries closed by 1950 and the area now serves as a part of a recreational area for walking, biking, hiking, snowmobiling and trail running area within town. Our goal is to capture the history and raise awareness of the quarries. We will keep adding in information in the coming months and have plans to include an online tour as well as written history and stories.

The site is maintained by Steve Swenson, Paul Kirsch, Kevin Tilton and Joe Viger with photos and history shared by others. If you have information, photos or documents about the quarries that you would like to share on the site, contact us.

Read a written history of the Quarry

Steve Swenson lives in North Conway and is a great grandson of John Swenson who founded the Swenson Granite Co. in Concord, NH in 1883, about the same time quarrying began in Redstone. In his younger days, Steve worked in the quarry for the family business which was once part owner of Redstone.